1. Do you have a store front? 

We do not have a brick and mortar shop, but we do offer curbside pickup from our studio in Esquimalt, BC. Place your order here in the online shop and select pick up at the checkout. Your order will be ready in 24-72 hours (business days). Studio shopping is available by appointment. Book here


2. Are your soaps vegan?

Yes. Our bar soaps are all made with coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, castor oil, and sodium lactate. All of our other products are also vegan.

3. What is sodium lactate?

Sodium lactate is a liquid salt derived from the natural fermentation of sugars found in corn and beets. Sodium lactate produces harder, longer-lasting bars of soap.


4. Why are your soaps palm oil-free?

Palm oil and palm kernel products are widely used soap ingredients that we do not use,  not even the “sustainably sourced” version. The palm oil industry is linked to devastating issues such as deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty, and indigenous rights abuses in the countries where it is produced. While it is a cheap and readily available ingredient, it is unnecessary since other less destructive alternatives exist.


5. Why do some of your soaps have white residue on the tops?

This is soda ash. Soda ash forms when unsaponified lye reacts with naturally-occurring carbon dioxide in the air. It doesn't affect the final bars and the soap is safe to use. Soda ash can dull colours and designs so we often steam our soaps to remove the soda ash simply because of the aesthetic. Sometimes a little is left, but does not affect the quality or gentleness of the soap.


6. Your labels say partial proceeds are donated to women’s organizations. Which organizations?

We donate to three different Canadian organizations that support women. The Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative and The Canadian Women’s Foundation. Please visit our website for links directly to these organizations.


7. Why aren’t each of your soaps exactly alike?

All of our products are made by hand in small batches. Each soap is poured, decorated, and cut by hand which gives each bar a unique look. While we strive to be consistent with colour and design, some variety will naturally occur.


8. How are the shave bars and shampoo bars different from the regular bar soaps?

These bars contain different quantities of oils as well as different oils and clays. The shave bar contains bentonite clay for a smooth shave and extra castor oil for more lather. The shampoo bar contains jojoba oil for conditioning as well as more castor oil for lather. The balance of oils in each of these is specific to their uses.


9. Where can I purchase Wychbury Ave products?

All of our products are available right here in the online shop. For local pickup, select studio pickup at the checkout. Most orders are ready 24-48 hours after the order has been placed and available for pickup in the contactless pickup boxes outside of the studio Monday - Saturday 9am-7pm. To learn about our local retailers, please see our Stockists here.

10. Where do you ship?

We ship our products within Canada and the US. We are not able to ship elsewhere at this time.