Conversation Corner on Wychbury Ave

  • Maybe She’s Not Born With It: The Truth About Natural Ingredients

    The most common question I’m asked by customers at markets is “are your products all natural?” Here’s why this question is impossible to answer. “Natural” means nothing when it comes to cosmetics (this means soap!) because in Canada there is no regulation of the word on advertising. Labels must n...
  • How Does Natural Soap Nourish Your Skin?

    Get rid of all the harmful chemicals used in most soaps. This blog post discusses how using natural soaps can nourish your skin and enhance its overall health.
  • Benefits of Using Handmade Soap

    When you choose Wychbury Ave handmade natural soap made in Canada, you are making an effort to support local businesses. While enhancing and protecting your skin health, using local handmade soaps also enables you to support your community members. Partial proceeds from each bar from Wychbury Ave Soap & Gifts are donated to organizations that support women in need.