Esquimalt Wellness Library

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The Esquimalt Wellness Library is run by Melissa Labelle of Wychbury Ave Soap & Gifts in partnership with The Rainbow Kitchen. This project was inspired by the Fernwood Wellness Library created by Carmelle Lauren Lemaistre R.Ac..

This new community resource seeks to address health inequity by creating an access point for community care that is maintained by the community itself.

The library functions in the same way as the little free libraries around the ­neighbourhood, but contains wellness supplies instead of books. Having a self-serve access point allows people to access free support on their own terms. 

The library currently stocks new, unused wellness supplies such as body care products, oral hygiene products, menstrual products, baby care supplies, personal grooming supplies, and more. Please see below for an inspiring list of products that can be donated to the wellness library.

How it works:

  • Take a product, leave a product
  • Access free supplies when in need
  • Donate care supplies for your neighbours
  • Become a monthly financial donor to keep the library well stocked

A note for donating products: please only donate unopened products in ­original packaging. If you are a ­DIY contributor please make sure ­ingredients and directions for use are well marked and sealed.

Who is this for?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to access free supplies at any time that suits them! While we establish steady ­contribution streams, we ask that if you have financial means to please make a donation so that we can keep a healthy stock for those who cannot pay or donate at this time.

Where to donate?

Bring your unopened products to the Rainbow Kitchen, Wychbury Ave Soap & Gifts, or to the Esquimalt Farmers Market in Memorial Park. 

Acceptable donation items (other items may be acceptable even if not listed): 

*we cannot currently accept medications of any sort*

First aid:
Alcohol swabs
Hand sanitizer

Personal care:
Menstrual products
Fingernail clippers
Cotton swabs
Bath products
Disposable razors
Hair elastics
Hair brush/comb

Snack pouches (please only donate well before expiry date)
Formula (please only donate well before expiry date)
Diaper Creams
Vitamin d
Hair care
Bath products
Baby wipes