Open Studio Soap-Making Session

Can't make it to a soap-making workshop? Don't have your own space or materials?

Drop in to our Wychbury Ave studio on your own time for a self-directed soap-making session. We provide all of the ingredients and materials so you can make your very own 3lb batch of soap. 10-20 bars depending on how you choose to cut them and which mold you select. We will be available to answer questions or give advice. 

Choose from a variety of molds in fun shapes or traditional bars and let your creativity flow. Our full selection of essential oils, scents, colours, and clays are available for your use. 

Open Studio is a good choice for someone who has previously attended a workshop or has some soap-making experience. As this is a self-directed session, we will not be teaching you how to make soap, but will be available to answer questions throughout your session.

1 hour soap making workshop in Victoria, BC