How Does Natural Soap Nourish Your Skin?

Your skin's health may be greatly impacted by the sort of soap you use on your body and face! Most soaps on the market today are, by definition, not real soaps but rather chemical detergents produced from ingredients that are processed and derived from petroleum. During the production of these commercial soaps, these petroleum-based ingredients are significantly altered. As a result, Itching or dryness in your skin after taking a shower is common after using these products.

You have the opportunity to provide your skin with healthy ingredients and calming oils every time you use a soap. However, if you choose a very rough soap, you risk drying out your skin. The best option, in the end, is to wash your face and body with natural soap. Since natural soap contains skin-nourishing ingredients it can help you maintain soft, smooth, and hydrated skin. Wychbury Ave Soap, a local producer of natural soaps in Canada, brings you this blog to help you find out how natural soap nourishes your skin.

What materials do natural soaps contain?
You use soap to clean the largest organ of your body – your skin! It's of utmost importance to know what exactly you are putting on it. At Wychbury Ave, we make handmade soaps using skin-friendly ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, among others. Your skin, hair, and body benefit from our natural soaps packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients. Unlike commercial soaps, that remove glycerin to sell back to the cosmetics industry which can leave your skin itchy and dry, our handmade soaps retain their natural glycerin content, leaving your skin happy, healthy, and moisturised.

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Protection of Your Skin's Moisture Barrier
Your skin's moisture barrier is made up of oils produced by oil glands. This barrier protects against dryness and a number of skin issues, making it essential for the health of your skin. Traditional soaps are too harsh for your skin's moisture barrier. These soaps dry your skin, which damages its protective barrier and increases your risk of inflammation, irritation, and flaking. At Wychbury Ave Soap, natural soaps are gentle and won’t harm your skin's moisture barrier, leaving it smooth and shielded.

Keeps pH Levels Constant
To maintain skin hydration, soaps must maintain a consistent pH level on the skin. Because it is naturally alkaline, Wychbury Ave Soaps keeps its pH between 9 and 10. Additionally, because the organic soap contains coconut oil, which better moisturizes the skin, it is healthy for the skin. Natural soaps are more effective at cleaning body surfaces than chemical soaps.

Completely free of preservatives
Hazardous preservatives are added as chemicals to ordinary soaps to make them last forever. This is unnecessary, though, as soap is solid and does not require any preservatives. Natural soap is free of any potentially dangerous chemicals or compounds that could contact your skin. The greatest natural bar soap set in Canada is available online at

Natural soaps contain healing and restoring properties
Natural body soap and face cleansers can assist with a number of skin issues because they contain herbs, plants, and clays. Sunburn, eczema, and other skin disorders can all be treated with natural soap washes. Additionally, using soaps that are scented with plant floral oils allows you to enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits of your natural soap.

Add Joy to Your Life
Enhance your senses with natural aromatherapy, moisturize your skin, and feel good about the products you use. To infuse your life with a little joy, use a handcrafted bar of natural soap. This simple action will not only leave your skin nicely conditioned, but it will also contribute to a happy planet. We are delighted to  that Wychbury Ave Soap only uses environmentally and socially conscious ingredients in all of its goods. Use these vegan, non-animal-tested products to soothe and nourish your skin while helping the environment. 

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