Soap Lovers Collection - Artisan Soap Gift Set

  • $117.99

Do you wish you could sniff all the scents? Have a hard time choosing just one? We're making your dreams come true with a 14 bar collection of our handmade soaps! Vegan, palm oil-free, made with butters, oils, scents, and colours that are all environmentally and socially responsible. This really is the best soapy gift box around! 

Available in a gift box and ready to gift or unwrapped for individual gifting (spread the soapy love around!).

How long will they last? The great thing about our small batch artisan soap is that the longer it cures, the better it is for your skin and the longer it will last in the shower. We cure our bar soaps for a minimum of 5 weeks so your fresh bars will be gentle on your skin while the others continue to become even gentler and more sudsy. Curing like a fine wine! 

Choose from 3 collections:

1. Variety Box - a balanced variety of bars including fruity, floral, woodsy, & earthy scents

2. Woodsy/Earthy - more of our woodsy/earthy scents, fewer fruity/floral

3. Fruity/Floral - more of our fruity/floral scents, fewer woodsy/earthy

*Due to rapidly changing stock, individual scent selection is not available for this gift set.